As kitchen designers, we get to work on many different projects from simple refurbishments to major installations but one of the most common issues we are confronted with is small kitchens in Toowoomba.

It’s difficult to create extra space when you are limited by a room’s dimensions but there are ways to achieve it.

People are either looking for additional counter space or extra storage space.

Courtesy of Coopers Joinery, here’s a few ways to make a small kitchen work better:

  1. Make your drawers work harder
Kitchen drawers easily get messy. Lots of online tips advise you to use drawer dividers but while these keep things tidy, they don’t always optimise the drawer space. 

Think carefully about what you keep in the drawers. A bundle of kitchen tools are going to be messy, so use some kind of canister to hold them or hang them on hooks on a pegboard. Drawers can also be used for spices and small pantry items.

  1. Declutter your countertops
In a small kitchen countertop space is precious. Because storage space is also at a premium, it is tempting to litter countertops with various small appliances and gadgets. It’s easy to say limit these items so there are less to find space for but if you have them, be smart.

Can you fix shelves to the wall where they can sit? Are there things in cupboards that you rarely use that can be gotten rid of to make space for the items you use regularly? 

However you store your appliances and gadgets, always leave one countertop completely clear so you have a free workspace whenever you need it.

  1. Utilise all available space
Shelves and pegboards have already been mentioned but they should be reiterated as ideal ways of creating storage in the kitchen. Available wall space should be put to good use as much as possible as should other spaces. 

Look at using any space on top of cabinets. Things that are used infrequently can be stored up high out of the way.

Do you have a windowsill that can be used as a shelf? There are also plenty of aids that create space such as baskets that fit under shelves, over sink storage, and hanging storage of various kinds.

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