Are you thinking about renovating some parts of your home, including your bathroom? If you are looking for fresh ideas for a full bathroom renovation, then you may need some help from the team at Cooper's Joinery. Our teams are here to offer you suggestions about great ways to transform your bathrooms, shower rooms and ensuite. 

Go smart

The world of modern tech means that there is a smart tool in every room in your home except for the bathroom. We think that one of the best ways to transform the bathroom is with the inclusion of smart technology. No-one thinks tablet video calling here would be a good idea, but you can get better with radiant flooring, touch-less sinks and warming drawers for the vanity, all smart techniques that can transform your bathroom. 

Bid the bath goodbye

Want to make more space in your bathroom? It might be time to put the tub on the scrapheap. A large, walk-in shower could be the ideal tool for waking you up in the morning, and with shower screens and spacious decorations you could find that shower screen ideal for what you need. Talk to Cooper's Joinery about your no-tub options. 

Get greener

Energy saving ideas can be a big hit in the bathroom, not least because they offer chances to maximise your savings. Want to have a warm shower when you like? Use a mixer device that can keep energy low. Want efficient lighting without it being too-bright first thing in the morning? LED lighting options could be the perfect solution. 

Be totally modern

Updating your bathroom could mean making your space into something very modern. Talk with the team at Cooper's Joinery to find minimalist spaces, cool, clean lines and a footprint which allows you to make the most from your space without being too crowded. 

Go for storage

You always seem to need a lot of space in your bathroom, and now is the time to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Talk to us about adding more shelving, using corner cupboards and utilising all of the space available. 

Choose a reliable team
If you want to make the best from your bathroom renovation, then you will need to speak to Cooper's Joinery about our services. We can help you to make these great bathroom ideas a reality, so get started today by filling in our enquiry form, or by calling us for a free quote  on 07 4634 2333 now.