When it comes to making improvements in your home, one of the rooms that can bring the most added value to your property and also boost your overall feelings about your living space is undoubtedly your kitchen. It’s an area in your home in which you spend a significant amount of time and one of the first things we look at when looking at a home, so it deserves to be treated to the best design and decor options possible. 

In terms of design, it is fair to say that the options for a kitchen are pretty much endless, but here at Coopers Joinery, it is our job to help customers come to decisions about what exactly might be best for their specific situations. Come to us for the best kitchen design Toowoomba residents can benefit from. Here is some top design advice from the real kitchen design experts!

Smart Kitchens

It’s 2019, so all new designs need to have some sort of smart technology incorporated into them! Whether you want a fridge/freezer system that doubles as a complete home hub or you wish to install lights and appliances that can be controlled by an app on your voice or by voice command, these are all things that need to be considered in the early design stage.

Dark Cabinets

For so many years the trend has been for kitchen cabinets to be light coloured, but the new approach taking over is to have darker colours instead. Black cabinets are very in this year, with sterile white going in the other direction in terms of popularity. After all, dark counters and cabinets show up far fewer stains!


In saying that, quartz is still a material that reigns supreme when it comes to countertops. It is incredibly hardy and looks about as luxurious as a kitchen counter can get. It is the kind of kitchen design choice that will continue to be timeless from now to eternity.


If you have space, a kitchen island is one of the best features that you can add to a modern kitchen, for both functionality and style.

If any of those design ideas appeal to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas in more detail. Our goal is to provide each household with the kitchen that it truly deserves, and the best place to start that journey is by giving us a call!