Home renovations can be an exciting opportunity for you to completely transform your home by changing a few simple features.

Bathrooms are a popular place for these renovations to start, but it is important that you have the right bathroom design for your Toowoomba home.

Whether you are trying to overcome a lack of space, want a more modern design or something classic, Coopers Joinery can help you to avoid some of these very common mistakes. 


There is a fine line between avoiding flashing the neighbours and having enough natural light to see.

Illumination and air flow are essential if you want to avoid turning your new bathroom into a cold, damp cave. Using carefully placed mirrors and keeping the furnishings light can save you from this error. 


There have been some truly bad locations for bathrooms in home design shows, including open-plan ones for a bedroom, or even in the living room.

We recommend trying to avoid a clear line-of-sight between the bathroom and a bedroom or sofa to make sure that everyone has the privacy they deserve. 

Not making the room usable

It is easy to get carried away with designing the perfect bathroom, and completely forgetting that people will be using it.

Cabinet space tends to be overlooked, yet they can be essential when you are in the shower and need to reach for a towel.

Coopers Joinery can offer you advice about placing cabinets to suit your needs. 

Going too big

You might want a large master bedroom that has the space for everything you can imagine, but to make sure that you get the most from your bedroom by having a good design.

It is not all about big baths and fancy sinks, after all, and you should be concentrating upon making a bathroom that works for all the family. 

Not getting a design plan

If you try to do all of the bathroom design for your Toowoomba home yourself, you are going to struggle.

Instead, you should speak to the team at Coopers Joinery for advice about good designs and cabinet placements.

Find out more about our services by contacting us online, or by calling 07-4634-2333 now. 

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