When you need a kitchen renovation expert, look no further than Coopers Joinery, where we can help you with all things kitchen in Toowoomba. If you want to give your place a facelift, there are lots of trendy ways to do that. Your kitchen is probably the hub of your home so it makes sense that you want it to look its best. Here are some top trends that you might enjoy in your kitchen.

Try Something Eclectic
Minimalism is on its way out in favour of something more eclectic. Your kitchen should now look like an extension of the rest of your house with as much personality as your other rooms. This style allows you to be creative and make a space that’s all your own and that’s different than the kitchens in everyone else’s home. So, try something that’s unique and epitomizes what you love best, including the colour and decor choices.

Space and Storage
Your kitchen is a lot more functional if you have plenty of storage space for dishes and small appliances. That means cabinets of different heights, stacked up so that you have plenty of options for all of your kitchen items. You can also incorporate some bench storage for linens and extra dishes. If space and budget allow, consider adding a butler’s pantry where you can keep the microwave, extra dishes and other items you need for cooking and meal prep.

Concealed Appliances
Another hot new kitchen trend is keeping your appliances out of sight. Integrated appliances are a great way to have all the function you need in your kitchen without having everything out on display for everyone to see. Putting appliances behind closed or sliding doors allows you to use them as needed without getting in the way of the look you’re trying to get in your kitchen.

New Cooking Options
Gone are the days when you only had a simple stove in your kitchen. You have a lot more options these days. How about an integrated gas hob that blends with a stone benchtop that gives your space a cutting edge new look. You might also like an induction cooktop, which allow you to prepare a variety of meals, but is also low maintenance and easy to clean. Whatever you decide, it’s nice to have something that doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s.

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